I have had Giants for the past 22 years and in that time have had the pleasure of knowing a number of top breeders. I would consider Leah to be among them. She cares for her dogs straight from the heart, but isn't afraid to look closely at what she is producing and to always work to improve. She and I have spent many hours talking dogs and what makes a good Giant, including wonderful temperament, solid health and good structure. I recently added a Kiraly giant to my family and I couldn't be happier. When they brought him up from cargo  at the  airport I wondered how he would do, he came out ready to play and just as happy as you can imagine. He is more than I could have asked for, his temperament is solid and brave and you can tell he had the right start both genetically and environmentally. We will see how he matures, but I am very excited to see where he and I can go.


M Milich

Loveland, CO USA


Words alone cannot express how grateful we are that we found Kiraly Giant Schnauzers and Leah Takats.  We are over the moon in love with our beautiful puppy Leila.  She has an incredible demeanor, she is loving, intelligent, playful and ridiculously beautiful.  She is everything that we could have hoped for in a puppy.   Giants hold a very special place in our hearts and in looking for a healthy, well-balanced puppy, we are so thankful that we found Leah before making a decision about a breeder.


We had owned a Giant who passed at just 6.5 years old as a result of numerous life long health issues and we were devastated when we lost her at such a young age.  She was a huge part of our family and we loved her dearly.  We knew that we needed to bring another Giant into our home so we were determined to find a breeder who was breeding these beautiful dogs for the right reasons.  We found Kiraly and our search was over.  Leah’s website oozed sincerity which is what drew us to her but it was the months of communication after our initial conversation that showed us first hand that she was everything we had hoped for in a breeder.  Leah is passionate about her Giants and she lives to improve the breed, it’s obvious that she truly and genuinely loves her dogs. She is experienced, knowledgeable and conscientious; she has built a solid breeding program that is producing wonderful puppies.


At Kiraly Giants they go to great lengths to feed and look after the pregnant female as their dogs' well being is top priority.  Once the pups are born they are held, loved and wonderfully cared for.  The whelping box that Mark built made for a safe and stimulating enclosure and it added to our joy of watching feedings, interactions and fun. Kiraly puppies are definitely given the best possible start to life.  When Leila came home with us she adjusted to life with our family as if she had always been here, the transition was seamless.  Right from the start she went into her crate willingly and she only made little cries to let us know when she had to go to the washroom.  She never barks other than when playing and she loves new experiences.  Leah and Mark obviously spent a great deal of time with the puppies allowing them to experience new things as there is no fear in our girl, only loads of love to give!  We found it amazing to see and hear all that is done to ensure that Kiraly puppies are healthy and well balanced.


To match the right puppy to the right family, character evaluations are done throughout the young pup's development. We had no clue how this could work but it truly did, our puppy is perfection.  We have had our beautiful girl for just over a month now and she is all that we could have ever asked for and more.  Concern for the pups doesn't end when they leave their first home, Leah and Mark have been in touch to inquire about how Leila is doing.  Leah has been quick to answer our many questions and to offer much needed answers and/or opinions; she is definitely a breeder who wants to stay in touch and help when needed.


The 8 weeks from a puppy's birth to bringing them home can feel like forever but Leah made it fun.  She posted videos and pictures regularly with updates and cute stories to keep all her forever families in touch and feeling involved.  It gave us goosebumps to hear the love in Leah's voice every time she called the puppies, and when we saw them run to her adoringly we knew that she cared for each and every one of them as if she were keeping them all.  We looked forward to these posts as they melted our hearts.  As excited as we were to get our new puppy, we were also a bit sad at the thought of taking the little angel from Leah and Mark as we had witnessed the bond they shared, however we were comforted knowing that she was so loved.  We had a video chat with Leah and Mark a week or so after we brought Leila home and our little girl went absolutely nuts trying to find the two of them behind the phone.  It was incredible.  This solidified to us just how much these puppies are adored, and that they don’t forget those first caring hands.


We can't go without sharing yet another wonderful example of how natural it is for Kiraly Giant Schnauzers to exceed expectations.  We were really struggling to find a way to fly our puppy from British Columbia to Ontario when Leah informed us that Mark had offered to take the flight with her.  We couldn't believe what we were hearing. Mark actually took Leila as his carry on and he comfortably and safely brought her right to us.  The stress that he took off of us was enormous, and the excitement we felt when they arrived at the airport was amazing.  Leila even got to visit the cockpit and have her picture taken with the pilots, pretty incredible!  When we called to thank Leah once we were safely home she replied by saying that this is just what breeders do - but we disagree, it's what special breeders do and is just one of the many reasons why Kiraly Giant Schnauzers is in a class of their own.


We have been in touch with Leah regularly from our first phone call and we plan to stay in touch throughout our beautiful puppy's entire life.  Kiraly has given us an incredible gift and we are truly grateful.



Christine and Peter, Ontario


What a joy getting off on a good start! I truly have the most incredible puppy in the world. And I'm not just saying that. I have had many dogs in my life, both pure bred and mixed breeds. Some were Tasmanian Devils, some were as sweet as an apple pie, but up until now I have never had a puppy who was so well adjusted. He fit into our lives like a glove. And, really, all thanks to Leah and Dean. Well, ok, maybe I should thank God for the breed itself, but they are Dogs first and Giants second.


Kiraly have truly done a remarkable work with these dogs. Of course, we had to go through the extensive screening, like we were adopting a child, of course we had to prove we were worthy of such a task raising a Giant. And I really appreciate that and wouldn't want it any other way. This only proves how dedicated Leah and Dean are insuring their dogs will go to good homes.


They had warned me that raising a Giant pup is a hard work, and I know it is and I know it will be for many days to come, but, for the short time Lando was with us, it is not work at all but a very joyful experience both for us and for the dog. He is alert, keen to learn and ready to please. I won't be surprised if he starts solving mathematical problems in a month or two.


If you decide to get a Giant, I assure you, Kiraly Giants is the place to go. These pups have been raised from day one with gentle care and loads of love, and they were put in the situation from the get-go where they were cared for not only by humans, but more importantly with dogs too. Leah and Dean have their own “Santa's little helper”, a miniature Schnauzer called Nik along side pups parents, dad Vade and mom Lacy, who were teaching the puppies the hierarchy and adjusting them to the ways humans only can dream off. Way to go!


I wish Kiraly all the best from the bottom of my heart. I have all but the best experience one could have. I can only say one more thing: I haven't only gained a truly wonderful dog Lando, but gained great friends and accomplices in Leah and Dean!


Sincerely, Milena

Vancouver, BC



Earlier this year I decided that it was time for another puppy in our home. I had a Giant Schnauzer for ten years and when she passed away I wasn't sure that I wanted another dog. But, after two years, the time felt right. However, deciding to get a dog and finding the right puppy and more importantly the right breeder proved to be quite difficult. After much searching, I was led in the direction of Kiraly Giants and Leah Takats. My lucky day! Not only had she just had a litter, she was willing to let me make a home for one of her precious bundles. On July 10, Leah and her husband hand delivered my little Tessa to me. Quite a drive for them, 4-1/2 hours in each direction. I was overjoyed when I saw my little Tessa. She is awesomely precious. The time that Leah spent interviewing, emailing, etc. to make sure her puppies went to the right home was impressive. I am extremely happy with the whole process and the experience was wonderful. The hardest part was waiting until Tessa was old enough to become a member of our family. Thank you Leah and Kiraly Giants. You will come highly recommended by me to anyone who asks.


Tessa is doing great. A few accidents in the house, but not many and occasionally she is whining to be let out. She is starting to like her crate, but likes my knee much better. We all love her.


Sincerely, Maureen and Tessa

BC, Canada





Searching desperately for a new Giant Schnauzer an incredible lucky coincidence did let me find the Kiraly Kennel website on the Internet. To my greatest joy, a female puppy with floppy ears was available to spend her future years in my home. Of course, there were a few weeks to wait for her, but, thanks to Leah, the internet and skype, even as the pups were only a few weeks old, I could already watch them enjoying their very new dog-lives on my pc. All my questions regarding food, health and everything else were answered right away, I could prepare everything for the arrival of the little girl, so the transition went without any problems.


Although my little girl is living in my home only since a very short time we get along very well. She also seems to have come somewhat prepared to her new environment. The contact to Leah did not end after the puppy left her home and I think that is very good. If here are any questions or concerns in the future she is there to assist and help. So I look forward to enjoy watching a great adorable beautiful black Giant Schnauzer growing up and exploring the new world around her.


Sincerely, Jutta D and KONA (purple)


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